Kazu's Casino or in Chatango is more familiar known as bidding, started on March 2013, as another alternative into helping user to obtain gold, compare to Kazu's RPG.


All user needs to do is by typing .bid, and then the Kazu will display basic informations for user to play, alongside the amount of gold required to bid. After that, the user can simply initiate a bidding by typing .bid <number> on the chat. However, the number are limited from 1 until 25 only. If the user is lucky, the user will be entitle to win jackpot of current amount value of Casino Jackpot, else the user's gold will be stored in the jackpot. If multiple user's are able to win the session, the pot will be split equally to each user. Kazu's Casino also enforces three bids in every session. The user are also limited to one account only, else rejected by Casino system itself. Some reviews says that Kazu Casino is a good profitable game, but it is a slow process to make profit.


  1. Kazu Casino is believed to be user session restricted game, alternate account are rejected automatically on attempt
  2. Kazu Casino are influenced by former KazuGroup's Gold Rating System (GRS), in order to balance gold economics throughout all users
  3. On January 18, 2013, Kazu interactive have updated Kazu's Casino that it will grant free Angellus Crystal Tears to any lucky winners that won the bidding