Kazu's Slots is one of the latest game system available published by Kazu Interactive on 20th November 2013, a few days later after Kazu Nexus was put online to replace the old Kazu ERI. Similar like regular slot machine that can be found in typical casino, user's are able to win some gold if won.


Before a user could start bidding in Slots, the user are required to have enough gold fund in order to bid. Then the user can simply start bidding by typing .slot in the chat, and Kazu will randomly generate smileys resemble as Slots icons. If a user gets a 3 straight matches, the user will win jackpot depending on what matches, and if it's a 2 matches, either matches with left or right with the center, the user will win half or few percent of the pot. If the user gets a match of left and right, the user is considered lose. Some reviews says Slots is another good profitable game, but there some critics about the chances to win the gold, can be sometimes quite very hard.