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Kazu S3: Chapter 2 - The Dark Past Decipher was the first event ran on January 13, 2014. The task of the event requires user to read the second chapter of Kazu's Light Novel Season 3 in order to decipher the context of Section 12.

Task & Method of DecipheringEdit

Before decipher could be done, within the second chapter, user are required to notice bolded italic underlined word hidden throughout the chapter 2, which results of letters, I, O, E, R, C, C. The user needs to unscramble the letters in order to obtain the password, which will form CICERO after unscramble. User then provided an image of ciphered manuscript of Section 12, and also ciphered manuscript text-version after chapter 12 on

Participant then needs to figure out the ciphered used to cipher the text. Some participants interviewed says that they figured out the cipher method based on the ciphered text seemingly look alike Rotation Cipher (ROT13), based on Caesar cipher. But however, the ciphered text did not match with ROT13, some participants says by looking at Rotation Cipher history is based on Caesar, and this cipher requires a password to decipher, therefor only leads to one ciphere known as Vigenère Cipher. The cipher is the only cipher that requires password to decipher, or else it's impossible to crack.

Method of deciphering requires participants to undo the cipher process, which means from alphabets of password CICERO will be matched with pile of alphabets inside the box. For example of the context:

Qv airf 1724, c ekxtv mvqae ou Ucvzo xwp Prlhwth isuqfij wp vqvkv-giux ft vpg Orng Kkxp. Gjm qrts jiu e lbfgkrx zqdg xfkczfw kvg wwv tfgivsi ch Scdv Qkba, Wrwbmt, flh jwyimst, wwv Jokhgv uwutkovg vpg azhep hsi o tmcwfb, vpcx jvg cuij vgz oexwein tfkgzu xf gvmcp zbpweieh uwwpj tqz jii pgiwxp.

Ou bji toum jej pgkqqv o izgek hgztsi grzgeuwpo vlv spbkvv Ychg Gzha, Acmqst pkqjsnn jeu dcqf e mwuqv xf Zcfhsir Oipwzcp, iph notvu lvf vw uxfd. Dcv lfkgdgv, uig bq lvf wvfczbi tqzv, gjm yseh ubqt lbnmuw Jokhgv isvctrj vgz nsms. Fmutzhg pgv zupwteeqg bq slf owux isuxggktwt Uezngz, Uezngz dvvoma vlv acokg jvg cuiu cp pgvjsnn. Jii acokg jdgtnw ft dmcykm dzqovb, vctrzbi pgv zbvw c zvfa bgviwhgkrx zqwmmeu owpwkst.

Bji doiqeec grmnpj ptwmie opl jii gqnv jcsupa wbwp bwveg twvw rbf okzvg qcv vfhvmp jcsup hyds. Dmhsis vpg qfagvv wys fqgw, jvg aysis vpcx jvg ekpc fgdkzv opl ymcz umgo wct zgzvbim kr kvg nwxlfg. Bji Bobm Emkm oipexsompx tfgiviu o vwof nwvpkr kvg ucrjwqv cw yst jqhp kgzg yeodtg xf uq wwx wfqu vlv acvumfb. Uikdvf jiu fvqqug afftqgh ft jmt xyfgiv, lv qcaviu hjm grkwtm oeegkwp azhj i uirz, cvf wvonmf xys hzqrk rqwtw, jc kn Oeiwc eqycr gdgv isxqxiu, gjm ymcz dm wrrpnm vs xc hzgi wfqu vlv acvumfb cvf wvsma jii fgdgrxs.


To decipher Qv of the first word from the context:

C (from CICERO) -> Q (inside the square) = O

I (from CICERO) -> v (inside square) = N

After a successfull decipher, the section 12 context from Book of Universe will be readable:

On year 1724, a witch known as Maria von Laxford resides in north-east of the Kaze City. She once has a undying love towards the our creator of Kaze City, Saizer, but however, our Saizer dislikes the witch for a reason, that she uses her magical powers to steal innocent souls for her beauty.

As the case has become a great terror spreading the entire Kaze City, Saizer himself had paid a visit to Laxford Mansion, and warns her to stop. But however, due to her undying love, she wont stop unless Saizer returns her love. Despite her ignorance to our most respectful Saizer, Saizer breaks the magic she used on herself. Her magic spells of beauty broken, turning her into a very terrifying looking monster.

The magical spells broken and her soft fleshy skin turns rots and gives out rotten flesh fume. Before the moment she dies, she swore that she will revive and will seek for revenge in the future. The Kaze City management created a tomb within the mansion as her body were unable to go out from the mansion. Saizer has become worried of her threat, he casted the entire mansion with a seal, and sealed the front doors, so if Maria would ever revived, she  will be unable to go free from the mansion and seeks her revenge.

Last but not least, participant are required to retrive the alphabets bolded italic underlined marked in the ciphered context, which would be "THE WITCH SREVNGEE". The last VNGEE were unscrabmbled word, but after unscramble, word VENGE is formed, therefore the final output of deciphered and unscrambled code will be "THEWITCHSREVENGE".

Claiming gold procedureEdit

All the participant need to do is just posting "THEWITCHSREVENGE" in a chat with MechaBot in, and user will be rewarded with a random generated number of gold.