The anonymous user spreading the false news

Kazutastrophe! was an earliest prank event planned by KazuGroup's Admins, Natsume and Sournoise, with intention to prank some certain people. Mostly the victims are KazuGroup's staff itself and some several random regular Kazu users. The prank was done on 30th March 2013, where Sournoise disguised as an anonymous user, and spreaded a news / rumor that the group was bought by someones known as "Hector", or username "Hectogon". The trade over was done as it was believed that the current administrator of KazuGroup retires due to some little fight occured in 28th March 2013, correspondence to Kazu's RPG changes.

In the same time, the administrator was current abroad to Japan. Later then, a long time away staff (Undenied / Shinjiru) who recently joined Chatango came online and didn't aware of the event. Shinjiru later than notices the event when an user known as Theblackr3ap3r showed some screenshots of his conversations with the anonymous user. Then, Shinjiru finally guessed that KazuGroup wasn't being traded away, but it was enfaken by an ex-staff who was fired back in year 2011. "Hector" claimed that he has bought the KazuGroup as well as other admins accounts, and the RPG developer blamed an user known as "Ruwi" as the starter of little quarrel regarding to RPG's changes, without realizing the prank.

Event ObjectiveEdit

[1.] To prank some KazuGroup staff, by believing the group was bought by someone known as "Hector"

[2.] To prank other regular Kazu users, also by believing the group was traded away.

Event DetailsEdit

Event Kazutastrophe!
Item Grant Type Common
Item Granted Gold
Quantity 10,000 gold


[1.] "Thank you for being a sporty person while taking the Kazutastrophe prank calmly. You are granted 10,000 gold. Have a nice day and loves from staffs behind the scene"

[2.] "It was an objective since early of March to prank the devs, including some close friend to admin's. We're just glad that everything we planned turned out well" - Sournoise