In Kazu's RPG, various of NPC's is used. Users have to deal with the NPC's in order to win the level, by killing/defeating them. Each of NPC's defeated, users will be rewarded with loots such as Kazu Gold, items and more. The loot are vary depending on the users luck, where sometimes users may get low-high loot. In this RPG, the NPC's are shown as evil sinister villains where they aiming to destroy safe and peaceful Chatango, and bring chaos to all its users. There are about 9 NPC's available in this RPG. The NPCs strenght are based on their XP level (higher XP = higher damage).


Below are the following of NPCs list according to their stage ascendingly:

1. NPC-Reaper (Stage 1)

2. NPC-Baphomet (Stage 2)

3. NPC-Vannacutt (Stage 3)

4. NPC-Bathory (Stage 4)

5. NPC-Lucifer (Stage 5)

6. NPC-Kazu (Stage 6)

7. NPC-Senkhara (Stage 7)

8. NPC-Kamila (Stage 8 - 9)

9. NPC-Happosai (Event-based NPC)


1. The NPCs names are taken from various known movies.

2. The NPCs are believe happen to be related to a fan-fiction title "The Adventure of Sakura" (Sakura no bōken), where the fan-fiction is believe to be another sequel of Cardcaptor Sakura.

3. Only few of NPCs names is used in the fan-fiction. Others has different names in the storyline.