NPC Kamila is the eight'th NPC for Kazu's RPG second boss stage level. This NPC is very hard to all users. This NPC gives a high amount of gold loot, and sometimes grants extra loot such as Amplification Potion drop and etc.

This character did appear in KazuGroup's Fan-fiction "The Adventures of Sakura" where Senkhara who invaded the Moon's Castle and went to it's dungeon where Kamila has been held imprisoned for so long by a grandmaster of greatest sorcerer, Saizer. She is believe being imprisoned as she was attempting to take over entire reality using her magical power but luckily Saizer was able to put stop on her.

She is believe to be one of five legendary "Star Knights" where the knight were former students of Saizer himself, as they are extremely skillful and powerful. However in latest chapters shows that Senkhara has released her from her prison, but however, a little misunderstoond has occured and battle was set between Senkhara and Kamila, and then killed her by using her Blood Sword. She then later gains Senkhara's abilities then resumes her objective to take over everything by force.

After defeated, Kamila will evolve to her second form, Bloodlust Kamila.


Appear on Stage 2nd boss
Level 10
Health Points (HP) 260172
Damage Minimum 1500+ (900+ buffed)
Damage Maximum 1800+ (1200+ buffed)
HP Regeneration Rate 1000 per hit (1000+ with cofffins)
Dodge 49% > 81%
AoE None
Abilities -Vampire's Voice (Sleep)