NPC Senkhara is the seventh NPC for Kazu's RPG first boss stage level. This NPC is very hard to defeat to all users. This NPC gives a high amount of gold loot, and sometimes grants extra loot such as Amplification Potion drop and etc. This NPC also requires a special tactic which completely different compare to normal stages. This NPC may be has overwhelming damage power if users commits errors while playing or summoned too early.

The character did appear in KazuGroup's Fan-fiction "The Adventures of Sakura" where Kazu accidentally summoned her as he read an incantation from a black book without any title. Senkhara is believe to be a demigod and ruler of The Underworld and appears to be lusts on mortals blood.

But however, Senkhara died later on further chapters of the Fan-fiction as she was killed by a Vampiric queen known as Kamila. On recent changes, the RPG developer has changed her AoE to DPS (damage per seconds) like attack.


Appear on Stage 1st Boss
Level 8
Health Points (HP) 1,200,000 (later 150,000)
Damage Minimum 900+ (400+ buffed)
Damage Maximum 1200+ (600+ buffed)
HP Regeneration Rate 30+ > 230
Dodge 46% > 72%
AoE Red Lightning Storm (DPS)
Abilities None

Recent ChangesEdit

[July 27, 2013] - Senkhara's AoE is now changed from DPH (damager per hit), to DPS (damage per second)